Meeting Agenda’s and Minutes

PATHS Agenda & Minutes

Missed a PATHS meeting or want to know what’s happening in the next meeting? The Partners Aligned Towards Housing Solutions has monthly meeting in Dallas, OR.

Here you can find the previous meeting minutes and the up coming meeting agendas. Please contact us if you have any questions about a PATHS meeting.

DateMeeting TypeAgendaMinutes
May 8, 2024Regular MeetingPDF
March 13, 2024Regular MeetingPDFPDF
January 10, 2024Regular MeetingPDFPDF
November 8, 2023Regular MeetingPDFPDF
October 11, 2023Regular MeetingPDFPDF
August 9, 2023Regular MeetingPDFPDF
June 21, 2023Community Info: Summit Meeting PDFn/a
June 14, 2023Regular MeetingPDFPDF
May 10, 2023Regular MeetingPDF
March 8, 2023Regular MeetingPDF
January 11, 2023Regular MeetingPDF
December 15, 2022Regular MeetingPDF
November 17, 2022Regular MeetingPDF
October 20, 2022Regular MeetingPDF

Click the PDF to view a file.

Video of a PATHS Meeting

Check to see if we got the meeting on video by visiting our YouTube channel. Not all meeting will be recorded.

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